Institute for Human Resources

The Institute for Human Resources is a non-profit organization created to develop education for Human Resource Professionals to enable them to inspire their company's workforces and maximize human potential.

Prime Areas of Focus

Creating Resources

Creating Human Resources educational certifications and programs focused on advancing the careers of HR professionals.


Granting Scholarships and/or Subsidies on courses or certifications to individuals who need assistance in developing their HR Skills.

Funding Internships

Funding Internships for New Graduates from college and universities offering HR Programs.

Providing Leadership

Guiding educational institutions as they build next generation Human Resource programs.


Interested HR professionals (aspiring and seasoned) may receive financial support for their educational aspirations. Please review the eligibility requirements and submit an Application for Scholarship. Application deadlines are...

IHR Scholarships

HR Experts

For HR experts and thought leaders who want to contribute to building the next generation of HR certifications and content, please feel free to share your expertise, ideas and assets by submitting an overview to An team member will contact you with further guidelines and process for review.

IHR Thought Leaders

Educational Institutions

Those schools and institutions with Human Resources programs that focus on building the next generation of HR education and certifications should contact our learning and development team at L&

IHR Learning Development

Donations & Financial Support

Generous companies, individuals, and educational institutions interested in sponsoring programs or scholarships for Human Resources professionals can contact us at...

IHR Donations
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